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Brand: Indeflate | Category: Recovery Gear
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INDEFLATE-2 Indeflate Two Hose Unit
INDEFLATE-4 Indeflate Four Hose Unit

Product Description

The Indeflate Four Hose Unit is a device used to rapidly INflate and DEflate four tires at once with ease. Proudly made in South Africa, Indeflate is mil-spec anodized and constructed from CNC-machined aluminum. Simply slide the patented dump valve to deflate your tires, and keep an eye on 100 PSI gauge. Indeflate equalizes the pressures of the connected tires, and makes quick work of INflating them back to standard pressures.

We recommend a high-end, high CFM compressor to use this four-hose unit.

Adventure Imports warranties the Indeflate against faults in materials and workmanship for one-year from date of purchase.

Stop kneeling in the dirt while fiddling with stressful and inconsistent air down tools, stand up and INDEFLATE!

INflating and DEflating tires can really be a tedious process. In the modern day that we live, we strive to come up with faster, easier and simpler ways to do things and make our adventures a bit more fun. The tedious task of deflating tires one-by-one, often times without knowing exactly what your tire pressure is, is made into a quick and simple task with Indeflate. Indeflate Four Hose attaches to four points (4 tires) at once, equalizing automatically, and has a unique dump valve system that allows you to deflate two tires at once. Using the Indeflate, you can attach a compressor or other form of air supply and INflate four tires, equally, at once. It has a mounted gauge, which means that you can monitor your tire pressure while inflating, deflating or simply equalizing. Indeflate will save you time and effort, and we can assure you that it will be a pleasurable gadget to use.

We strongly recommend a high-end, high CFM compressor for use with the Indeflate Four Hose Unit.

Each end of the Indeflate is equipped with a 10-foot long (3 meter) abrasion-resistant and o-zone resistant hose, and o-ring sealed European-style clip-on air chuck constructed from solid brass that has been specifically chosen to ensure the maximum flow from your tire’s Schrader valve.

To use the Indeflate, securely connect the two hoses to your vehicle’s tires and simply slide the patented dump valve to deflate your tires. You can keep an eye on your tire’s pressures by closing the dump valve system, and consulting the attached 100 PSI gauge manufactured exclusively for Indeflate by one of the world’s leading suppliers of pressure instruments. We’ve designed the Indeflate to be ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing one-handed use for even the smallest pressure adjustments.

When it comes to INflating your tires with Indeflate, you’ll want to slide the patented dump valve in the other direction, and connect your compressor to the Schrader-style valve at the bottom, which is equipped with an o-ring sealed valve cap to ensure moisture or debris does not enter the system. We’ve used a Schrader-style valve for airing up to ensure that ANY air compressor, even if it doesn’t have an interchangeable NPT-style quick-disconnect, can use the Indeflate without issue.

-Deflates 4 tires simultaneously and rapidly using our patented pressure release technology.
-Inflates 4 tires simultaneously from your air source.
-Automatically equalizes the pressure of both connected tires.
-Has a 100 PSI gauge for convenient monitoring whilst inflating or deflating.
-Inflate tires from your spare wheel in an emergency.
-Precision engineered aluminum body makes it highly durable.

-One Indeflate unit
-One Indeflate branded heavy duty canvas bag

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